Friday 19 April 2013


After lunch we left in a great hurry to the Aquarium (The Underwater Observatory Marine Park, Eilat), which is at the other end of Eilat, outside the town, really. A very good place, but we reached barely 5 mins before the last possible entry, by which time all the attractions were shut down, and also most of the restaurants. But the place is remarkable: the coral exhibition (the Red Sea abounds in coral, I had no idea), the remarkable coloured fish, the shark pool (not as good as the Kuwait one), and, best of all, the underwater Observatory. That was truly marvellous. How they do that, I have no idea. Surely they have encouraged coral to grow around the observatory, and so perhaps the fish are attracted there. The marvels, and the variety. Still, we had a full 3 hours here, and in less than 2 hours most of us had finished wandering around, and so we tried to get back earlier than planned to the hotel.

Hotel Eilat Vista. A quick wash, dinner, and then prayer in the synagogue of the hotel in the basement, and then free time. Some went for a dip in the sea (the hotel was kind enough to provide towels), some went to a mall, and others wandered around or partied or went off to bed. The pool, unfortunately, closed at 1700 hrs.

Two of the restaurant staff turned out to be Indians: one from Mumbai, and he spoke Marathi, and the other from Kolkata, and he spoke Bengali. Both Jews. The boy from Mumbai, Avi or Abraham, migrated 15 years ago with his family, which is now in Rehovot. I asked him to inquire about any Jewish family from Wadala, and get back to me. He said he would.

I managed to see the Red Sea at Eilat only in the morning. Eilat has a beautiful promenade, not far from our hotel, Vista Eilat. There are also inlets, probably artificial, for boats and things. And of course upper bracket shopping arcades along the sea front, food, swimming, and so on.

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