Tuesday 21 May 2013

A small experience of Pentecost

The Upper Room from the outside

A Pentecostal group!

The Upper Room

This morning I managed to finish an article on Truth for Live Encounters, and then thought, quite uncharacteristically, that I would take a break, go over to the Cenacle and remember Pentecost and spend some time in prayer. So I walk over to the Cenacle, and who do I find there but Fr Francis Gustillo and his group of pilgrims from Manila... Delightful, because yesterday, after the confessions, they had to rush off and I did not have the chance to wish them off. Then I wandered outside a bit, went to the terrace of the Upper Room, took some photos of the rooftops and of Dormitio, and then came back again inside, hoping to pray. I sat on one of the benches, and then a group of French pilgrims seemed to need the benches, so I shifted over to the back of the room, when some Indian looking people came in. And then I heard tongues: Marathi! The gang came and sat down, one of them close to me. So I said: Marathi mansa kay? And the 'lady' turns to me and says: Father! It turned out to be Sr Colette fma from the Mumbai province.
So Colette gets all excited, and we talk in Marathi, of all places up there in the Upper Room, and we meet Fr Peter Serrao who is with them, and then we plan to meet up for supper in Ratisbonne. So that's what we did, thanks to Fr Victor's kindness, picking them up from Bet Sahour, from a charming hotel called Golden Park, and picking up Sr Priscilla, and having dinner and joining the community for rosary, and then dropping them back, almost reaching Hebron and Egypt in the dark, but then Victor simply knows all the ways, and finding our way back to Golden Park.
Very strange. I simply never go out walking during the morning hours, and today I did just that, not having the courage to get back to the Experience article. To think that I should meet Gustillo and co. and then Collette ... unbelievable. A small experience of Pentecost.

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