Friday 8 November 2013

Christological levels

The Qumran latrine field is outside the photo, to the right of where the group is

This is a photo from last year. Once again, the latrine field of Qumran is to the right, outside the photo, unfortunately
We had a very interesting 'comment' during our visit to Qumran yesterday. Vernet said he would raise 'a very human question': what were the Qumran toilet arrangements, keeping in mind the rather large number of members (80 to 120)? Unbelievably, even on this point some enterprising soul has carried out extensive scientific research, identifying an area about 300 m or more away from the 'monastery' as the defecation location, going so far as to identify (remains of?) peculiar bacteria (whose scientific names I naturally forget) in the soil....

And that brings to mind some implications of Lonergan's position that any reality must be analyzed on all its constituent levels. In simpler terms, any human reality will have human dimensions, but also 'psychic' (in the sense of what we share with animals), biological, chemical and physical (in the sense of sub-atomic?) dimensions. And if Christ is fully divine and fully human, it follows that Christology will also involve all five 'genera'.... There is no doubt that the reality of this Land entered into the schemes of recurrence that pertained to Jesus of Nazareth, that it entered, formed part of his dynamic human reality, and exited as it does for all human beings, that therefore this Land, this dust, this flora and fauna, these people, they are privileged to somehow share in physical and chemical realities that once might have formed part of the reality of Jesus. Though all this sounds so shitty, I can only say wow. I really ought to be calling this blog by a title that occurred to me during meditation this morning, but I can't quite bring myself to do it... I don't find it disrespectful in the least, but I can imagine any number of people thinking differently.

Phil McShane might be one who would understand. I wish I could find the places where he talks about this in his voluminous output. 

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