Tuesday 1 April 2014

Ralph Fiennes' uncle, Sebastian Moore

Small world: Sebastian Moore turns out to be Ralph Fiennes' great-uncle. I grew up reading Moore's The Crucified God is No Stranger (or something like that, the title). God is a New Language. Wonderful, fresh, to the radicality of my salesian youthfulness. And then the great surprise of meeting him at the Lonergan Workshop, perhaps the first one I attended. Quite formidable, with his wit and sharpness. But then also him dragging my huge bags, with Fred Lawrence, across Boston. Moore was Pope Francis long back. He would probably scream at this. He died 28 February 2014. RIP. Or perhaps not. No Peace in Heaven with him around. Asking God to be a New Language and all that. 
A radical uncle
06 March 2014
WITTY, radical and unpredictable – that is how actor Ralph Fiennes summed up his great-uncle, Dom Sebastian Moore, who died last week aged 96.
The star of The English Patient, Schindler’s List and The Grand Budapest Hotel (reviewed on page 29), told us how much he enjoyed the homilies of Dom Sebastian – known to Fiennes and his family as “Uncle Patrick” – at family weddings and funerals.
“We loved them because he was always so radical and what he said was never predictable,” the actor said. “Jesus always seemed in his head an extremely radical and contemporary figure. He made any question of faith exciting and challenging.
“As someone who stopped going to church at 13, I always found anything he articulated about belief very immediate and had meaning for me. We all adored him being there and giving a view that was witty and radical.”
Ralph Fiennes said that Dom Sebastian had been a supportive influence on the life of the actor’s mother, Jennifer Lash, sister of the theologian Nicholas Lash. He recalled how “Uncle Patrick” would visit him and his five siblings, who include actor Joseph Fiennes and director Martha Fiennes.
A large family turnout is expected at Dom Sebastian’s funeral, which is due to take place on Friday at Downside Abbey, Somerset

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