Sunday 6 December 2015

Lonergan's Anthropology Revisited: The next fifty years of Vatican II

Delighted to receive a copy of Lonergan's Anthropology Revisited: The next fifty years of Vatican II, which are the Acts of the Lonergan Conference convened by Gerard Whelan at the Gregorian a couple of years ago, with a paper from me that was not read at the Conference but was written afresh at Gerry's request for the volume.

In his comments on my paper in the conclusion, Gerry quotes the famous "mutual self-mediation" text from Lonergan, adding an editorial comment identifying, to his mind, the two distinct starting points that are one. Matter for meditation!

The chat with Gerry was refreshing. I needed it. Gerry has been following the recent Synod very closely; he has an enviable vantage point, given that his window opens out onto the roofs of Rome with the dome of St Peter's hanging over them.

Some points:

The "theology of the people" of Bergoglio's teachers, and Bergoglio's respect for the "religion of the people", as against the disdain with which it is usually regarded
The skewed interpretation of Bergoglio by Vallely and the far more reliable one by Ivory. Vallely met the "opposition" group which now claims that, after the exile in Cordoba, Bergoglio converted to their side. Bergoglio, in his interview with Spadaro: "I was nowhere as conservative as provincial as they make it out to be."
The accusation by the radical liberation theology group among the Jesuits, that Bergoglio provincial was "too Salesian"
Aparecida as a "revolt" by the Latin American bishops against the line of John Paul II, with Bergoglio as one of the chief architects of the text
The See Judge Act methodology of Latin America, now the methodology of the synod.
Kasper as one of the chief theological influences on the pope, along with Bruno Forte
The resonance between See Judge Act and Lonergan's method
Whelan's own work as marrying Lonergan with Doran, chiefly w.r.t. the situation as a theological source. (For me, no problem: not all texts are texts. The situation is, by all means, a text.)

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