Wednesday 3 February 2016

Encounter, wonder, gratitude

Here is Pope Francis' homily at the Concluding Eucharist of the year of consecrated life, yesterday. The Pope's 3 points: the culture of encounter; custodians of stupore or wonder; and gratitude.
Culture of encounter
The feast of the Presentation of our Lord is the feast of the encounter: of Jesus with us and of us with him. Of Simeon and his joy at the fulfilment of the promise. Of Anna.
Jesus is the perennial surprise of God
Consecrated persons are called to be men and women of encounter
One who encounters Jesus canot remain the same
We have to promote a culture of encounter, against the tendency to remain absorbed in ourselves.
Hebrews: Jesus, in order to meet us, did not hesitate to take on our flesh. He became close to us, he shared our condition.
We are part of this. We are in a permanent state of mission.
The joys and the hopes of people are our joys and hopes.
Custodians of wonder
Mary and Joseph are full of wonder. They marvel at what is being said of Jesus..
We are called to be custodians of wonder
Charisms are not museum pieces. They have to be renewed.
The founders did not have fear to dirty their hands.
We need to have a healthy restlessness in our hearts.
We need to make courageous and prophetic choices.
Let us learn to live gratitude, for Jesus and for the gift of consecrated life.
Gratitude is Eucharist
It is good to see the joyful face of a consecrated person
This is a synthesis and summary of the Year of Consecrated Life: gratitude to the Holy Spirit, who animates the Church through the charisms.
Finally: the gospel says that the child Jesus grew and became strong.
we pray that there might grow in us - the desire for encounter, the capacity to wonder, the joy of gratitude. That people seeing us might be attracted, and brought to the mercy of the Father.

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