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The "religious priesthood" as Johannine and Marian

From Andrea Bozzolo, “Salesiano Prete e Salesiano Coadiutore: Spunti per un’interpretazione teologica.” Sapientiam dedit illi: Studi su Don Bosco e sul charisma salesiano. Ed. Andrea Bozzolo. Studi di Spiritualità 27. Roma: LAS, 2015. 346ff

The “religious priesthood” is Johannine, in Balthasar’s words.
The different ways of following Christ are rooted in the Christ event.
Peter: typical of the diocesan clergy. He is given an office, and in order to do it well, is given love.
John: symbol of the religious clergy. He impersonates love, and from this, he is given the priestly office.
Peter was married; John a virgin.
The presence of John at the cross with Mary shows the special Marian connection of CL and of the priests who are religious. In them the ministerial and objective priesthood is in a special way associated with the subjective and existential priesthood of the oblation of oneself, as demanded by the vows. In them, the grace of ordination is situated within the Marian space of obedience to God proper of their order, within a characteristic form of actuation of the Johannine love that Mary always teaches the founders and their spiritual sons. [347.]

This happened in the life of DB. For him the feminine church of the baptismal priesthood introduces to the logic of the ministry. This church for him had the face of Mary, and of his mother. [347-49.]
The comment on the day of his ordination: B gives a theological reading. The connection between celebrating mass and personal involvement in the sacrifice of Jesus. [349.]

The priesthood of religious is born and develops within the sequela, as willingness to accept the objective ecclesial ministry because the Lord asks it as a reality within the mission.
So while the diocesan seminarian thinks of the objective demands of his ministry and tries to prepare for it learning the love of Christ, the religious finds the ministry within his religious calling. [350.]

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