Saturday 28 January 2017

Lonergan on Thomas Aquinas

Somewhere - probably in his unpublished writings - Lonergan makes interesting comments on Thomas.

Like for example, that he combined the universality of Aristotle with the particularity of many central aspects of the Christian faith: incarnation, the nativity, the redemption, all these are particular events, not to speak of the particularity and the singularity of the person of Jesus of Nazareth the Christ. Scotus was probably struggling with the same thing, which is why his haecceitas - something that probably flowed into Heidegger's thinking, if we remember that Heidegger did his Habilitationschrift on Scotus. In Thomas, wisdom and prudence flow together to create a new kind of wisdom - or is it in Lonergan that that happens.

At any rate, Thomas, the great innovator, brought the Greeks and the Arabs under tribute to the faith. He learnt from Aristotle when people in his time went to Plato, considering Aristotle far too dangerous. He learnt / dialogued with Avicenna (Ibn Sina) and Averroes (Ibn Rushd) - but that was something that everyone seemed to have been doing at the time.

Another brilliant remark of Lonergan's: one of the differences between Thomas and us was that Thomas had few books at his disposition, and he read them well.

From my "Integrated Lonergan Index":
(Decode!) (And find the published equivalents, now that so much has been published in the CWL)

Aquinas and Aristotle, expression          322 10
Aquinas and Augustine      186 207
Aquinas and Lonergan: transposition     48 51-
Aquinas         36 238
Aquinas, achievement and limits            313 h.32
Aquinas, and history           36 238
Aquinas, and Piaget            195 473
Aquinas, did not justify choice of Aris.    313 h.32
Aquinas, discovery of          36 258
Aquinas, extra-theological categories    313 h.32
Aquinas, faculty psychology          186 207
Aquinas, growing up to his level  39 237
Aquinas, historical thinking absent        313 h.32
Aquinas, logic of quaestio            313 h.32
Aquinas, objections answered within system   313 h.32
Aquinas, philosopher?       296 120
Aquinas, polymorphic subject ignored    313 h.32
Aquinas, Scotus, Ockham   3 30-31
Aquinas, shortcomings       109 23
Aquinas, systematic?          195 472-73
Aquinas, the philosopher  195 651
Aquinas, the theologian    195 651
Aquinas, theological viewpoint   313 h.24
Aquinas, theology as science       309 1
Aquinas, understanding and judgment  223 335
Aquinas: certitude & und. Quodl. IV, a.18           361 2
Aquinas: certitude & und., ex.       361 2

Aquinas's Sentences, Pelagian on grace            141 31

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